YPC International College provides a safe and conducive learning space for its students. Facilities at YPC International College include:

  • Multimedia and Animation  Lab
  • Library & Student Resources Centre
  • Lecture Halls and Multimedia Facilities
  • Art and Digital Photography Studios
  • Gym
  • Discussion Room
  • Art Gallery

  • Seminar and Examination Halls
  • Science Labs
  • Counselling Centre
  • Prayer Room (For Muslims)
  • Cafeteria
  • Hostel
  • College Bus
  • Campus-wide Wi-Fi internet access

kypc f030

FREE Internet Wi-Fi

kypc f105

Exam Hall

kypc f104

Computer Labs

kypc f092

Lecture Room



kypc f097

Art Studio

kypc f108


kypc f022

Discussion Area

kypc f057

Counselling Area

kypc f109

Parking Area

kypc f110

Sports & Recreational

kypc f103

Science Labs

photography studio

Photography Studio

kypc f106


multimedia lab

Multimedia Labs

kypc f101


kypc f102

Student Lounge

kypc f107

Tutorial Room