Established in 2001, the primary objective of YPC International College is to offer affordable educational opportunities to all.

Through its strategic partnership with Yayasan Pendidikan Cheras, YPC International College adds a new dimension to educational social responsibility by providing scholarships and financial assistance to students, and free training for teachers and rewarding students who excel in examinations yearly.

YPC International College is committed to impart quality and excellence in education by providing students with the well-structured programmes in Business Information Technology, Accounting and Finance, Multimedia Computing, Business Management and e-Business Technology & Management. It aims to equip students with the most current knowledge and skills in business and information technology, to ensure that the future generations are well prepared to face the progressive and ever changing world of tomorrow.

Since 2005, YPC International College has collaborated with Liverpool John Moores University in United Kingdom to offer Bachelor’s Degree programmes to students, and subsequently Masters’ Degree programmes.

The college’s campus in Cheras has a conducive study environment with dedicated facilities using the latest industry standard equipment. Its lecturers are professionally trained and supported by experienced tutors and a committed support staff.

YPC International College is unique in that it serves the community – it is not a “community college” but rather it is a college that serves the needs of the community. YPC International College aims to be “the champion of quality affordable education”.


We aim to be a learning institution that meets the educational needs and expectation of the community and industry, using next generation tools and technology to face the challenges of the 21st century. In doing so, we have embedded our footprint in the Malaysian educational populace and set the benchmark as the “champion of quality affordable education”.


With our motto “Now, everyone can study”, our mission is to provide quality affordable educational opportunities to anybody who requires it through strategic partnership with Liverpool John Moores University; we have expanded the community of learning and knowledge to all stratum of society. We are a firm believer and fully subscribe to the notion that “education is the currency of the world”.